Protein Pound Cake


We’re going to pound town, because for realsies, this cake is as good as sex! Well, not really. I mean, it’s good, but it ain’t THAT good. And let’s be serious, if this cake is that good for you – I think you’re doing it wrong!

This weekend was awesome for so many reasons. For one, I took off work on Friday, so I started my weekend on Thursday night with Cirque du Soliel Kurious. Whoa. That was AMAZING. I was transported to a whole different universe. It was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Thursday night, I went to Hillsville, Virginia so that I could wake up early to go to the largest flea market on the East Coast. It was HUGE. There were so many cool things to see and I got a pair of vintage dumbbells! How cool is that? Also, I walked for eight hours straight trying to see as much of this place as I could and I packed all my meals so I met my macros like a champ! And by packing my meals, that’s exactly what I mean. I literally just bought stuff and brought it. I didn’t prep anything. I bought frozen Steamfresh veggies and bought grilled chicken from Wegman’s that I cut up. Sometimes, people think that meal prep takes too much time and that you can’t make it work with your lifestyle. I say that’s a lie you tell yourself so you don’t have to feel bad about getting it done. It isn’t difficult. Once your mind is made up, it’s easy. The hard part is the decision. Deciding to do it – That part is hard. The doing of it – That part is easy. So, work on making up your mind. If you can do that, then the prep or the packing, that part can be fun, because you’ll know that you’re doing something small to set yourself up for big successes. If you can do the small things well, the big stuff follows naturally.


20160903_143439Saturday, I went to my sister’s house to see all my family including my 103 year old Gramma. I brought raw chicken for my brother-in-law to throw on the grill and I weighed it out with my portable scale, along with some baked Cheetos that I had been craving, and a single serving of ice cream. This was epic for me because I have never been able to make it through an entire family function like this one without going overboard on my macros. Even when I plan ahead, I had always managed to screw it up. This time though, it was like, it wasn’t even hard. I just knew what I wanted and I kept reminding myself of WHY I wasn’t eating the bread, the spinach dip, the hot dogs, the banana pudding, the brownies, the homemade peach cobbler, the corn bread, the pasta salad, and I could go on… When I remembered my WHY, it was so much easier. I just kept playing out the scenarios that I could have the next day and I kept wanting to wake up and jump on the scale to see it go down knowing that I had done the right thing. And you know what? It did! I woke up lighter and that much closer to my goals despite this being a holiday known for indulgence and partying. I didn’t hesitate to have fun and if I had really planned ahead, I could’ve probably fit in a glass of wine, but I didn’t and I didn’t need one to be honest. I have come such a long way.

To cap off a great weekend, I’m preparing for a trip for work. That means I get to pack meals for the week and organize them so that I can take them on the plane. Last time I did this, I tried to take peanut butter – a whole jar. They were not pleased and threw it away. I almost cried. Like, the ONE thing that I actually looked forward to in that whole prep. Gone. Nevermind that it was only three dollars…



This time, I’m taking protein pound cake (recipe courtesy of From Fries to Fit), tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, popcorn, quest bars, nuts, tuna, chicken, veggies, and I’m trying to decide whether or not to pack the yogurt. I know they’re rough with luggage, so I’m thinking I might just buy that item when I get there. The good news is that I tried a new recipe and it turned out pretty good. I prefer the mug cake that I make every morning – which I have been making with Kodiak cakes instead of oat flour and I like it even more – but I needed something that would travel well, and I don’t think my recipe is as good the next day. Regardless, I shall have my daily dose of sprinkles. That is something I will not go without!!



The protein pound cake turned out pretty yummy and the macros are unbelievable!! Check out the recipe here.

220 calories
8.5g carbs
3.7g fat
40g protein

Give it a try and let me know what you think!



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